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 Supplier Information:
 Supplier Arab Cables Company (El Sewedy Group) Cables

Standard circular compacted copper conductor, semiconducing layer as conductor screen, XLPE insulated, semiconducting layer as non metallic insulation screen, three cores assembled together with non hygroscopic polypropylene fillers, wrapped with polyester tape and PVC sheathed. Cables are produced according to IEC 60502. These cables are genera

Cables: Single Core Cable Cu/XLPE/PVC

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X-section mm2 Variation #2 Product # Price
CX2-T101-U11 QUOTE    Qty:
CX2-T101-U12 QUOTE    Qty:
CX2-T101-U13 QUOTE    Qty:
CX2-T101-U14 QUOTE    Qty:
CX2-T101-U15 QUOTE    Qty:
CX2-T101-U16 QUOTE    Qty:
CX2-T101-U17 QUOTE    Qty:
CX2-T101-U18 QUOTE    Qty:
CX2-T101-U19 QUOTE    Qty:
CX2-T101-U20 QUOTE    Qty:
CX2-T101-U30 QUOTE    Qty:
CX2-T101-U40 QUOTE    Qty:
CX2-T101-U50 QUOTE    Qty:
CX2-T101-U60 QUOTE    Qty:
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