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 Supplier Information:
 Supplier Farm Frites Frozen Food

French fries in the cutting size 10x10 mm.
Pre-fried in 100% vegetable fat ( Palm oil ) and deep frozen to -20 c.

Potatoes , vegetable fat.

Physical Norms %
Moisture content % 72% max; Free fatty acids % 1.5% max; Cutting size 10mm +/- 1mm

- 7.5cm {Number of French Fries/ Kg} min.15% /1 Kg
- 5.0cm {Number of French Fries/ Kg} min.60% /1 Kg
- 2.5cm {Number of French Fries/ Kg} max.3% /1 Kg.
Side pieces max.15ps /1 Kg, Broken {Weight} max 2%. /1 Kg.

3-4 minutes in Palm Oil 180 c.
500 grams per 5 liters of Palm Oil.
Crispiness:- 2.30 minutes after preparation there must be 14 of 20 fries must be broken under heat Lamp. - Do not refreeze once thawed.

Both poly bags and outer cartons to be free from tears and/ or other damages. Coding has to be clearly legible. Opening of > 5mm in seal join not permitted.

Storage and Transport
Temperature during transport no higher that -18 c Temperature during Storage in cold store no higher than -20 c.

Frozen Food: French-Fries

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