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 Supplier Information:
 Supplier 2G Products - Fire Portable Extinguishers

Portable Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher characterized by high extinguishing efficiency, easy operation and handling and allows repeated operation and intermittence at will.
The fire Extinguishe has full chrome-plated brass valve and internal parts for longer serviceability
The Fire Extinguisher is equipped with hose and horn for high manoeuvrability, pressure gauge for instant pressure indication, pressure check-up valve for pressure check and release.
The Extinguisher has High quality surface treatment and red polyester coating, electricity and corrosion-proof protective base, supplied with a special hanging wall bracket, and affords the highest extinguishing rating due to its special multipurpose dry chemical powder (ABCDE)

- Working temperature range: -20 C to 60 C
- Testing Pressure: 35 bar
- Bursting pressure: over 70 bar
- Extinguishing agent: MAP-based powder

Portable Extinguishers: Portable Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher

Capacity-EERate Gross Weight Product # Price
   12KG: 55A 233B C
19.8 KG
  QUOTE    Qty:
   4KG: 13A 113B C
8.2 KG
  QUOTE    Qty:
   6KG: 27A 144B C
10.6 KG
  QUOTE    Qty:
   9KG: 34A 183B C
15.4 KG
  QUOTE    Qty:
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