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 Supplier King Tut Store Front King Tut Treasure

The Golden Bands around Tut Mummy one of a number of bands made of beaten gold plaques which were inscribed with religious texts. The cartouche reads: Tutankhamon, Ruler of Heliopolis tut-ankh-amun heka iunu. The top three signs: the feather, the block sign with the extending lines, and the wavy line make up the word Amun. The next group, from left to right are the sign meaning life, ankh, the two small half circles are phonetic signs pronounced "t" and the bird sounds like w or u. The crook sign means ruler. The other two signs on the bottom row of the cartouche mean Heliopolis shema, or Southern Heliopolis, by which is meant Thebes, the southern capital of Egypt. (NOT FOR SALE)

King Tut Treasure: TUT08: King Tut Golden Bands

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