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 Supplier Aircraft Factory General

Containerized Water Treatment Plant: satisfies the needs of a village or a small town with 20000 inhabitants. Could be easily erected and/or disassembled. It requires an area of 600 m2 (20 * 30) m, and operates at 380 volts, 3 phases. It can be transferred from any place to install in the new one.

Plant Components
Intake container: Receives the raw water for partial sedimentation. Flocculation container: Flocculation agent is added and prechlorination is applied to enable floc formation. Sedimentation container: Where counter current principle of sedimentation results. Filter container: Elimination of residual suspended solids, a continuous chlorination to avoid germination in the network. Treated water feeding container: Contains the treated water pumping system to the town, air compressor and filter loading pumps. Treated water storage tank: With capacity 200 m3

General: Containerized Water Treatment Plant

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