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 Corporate Profile
El Mona Company is a producer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables located in Cairo, Egypt. It was founded in 1986.The company is owned and successfully run by our assistant engineers and us. To keep place in fresh fruits and vegetables business, we are using advanced technology to cultivate large areas of various products under different climate. Our main clients are supermarkets chain, wholesaler, retailers and importers. One of our aims is to ensure top fruits and vegetables quality. We use only the most suitable packaging materials to protect quality for the longer shelf life, doing our best to ensure our products to be always of the highest standard. Our aim also to guarantee delivery on agreed time. Moreover, the quality of our fruits and vegetables depend on the process of harvesting, analyses, sorting, high quality packaging, cold chain delivery, high quality of carton, reliable transportation and palletization. All our wooden materials fumigated according to the EU requirements. Furthermore, corners used in palletized are strong and strap tightly to prevent the movement in transit time. It is important to comply with the requirement of quality, health and safety so we depend on good agriculture practice, selection of seeds, soil treatment, good irrigation system and proper fertilizers. It is interesting to note that high quality is our main concern and products should be free from any commercial defects and phyto effects. Day and night, El Mona Co. and their team are at your services and ready to receive your inquiries and observations.
 Products/Services overview
El Mona Co. is cultivating nearly all variety that meets our customer demands and not limiting itself in one product but we have a variety such as Fruits: Grapes (superior and flame), pomegranate,Water Melon, Galia Melon, Strawberry Vegetables: Fresh Garlic (White & Purple), Dry Garlic, Spring Onion, Dry onion (Red Golden), Chilly (Green & Red), Sweet Potato (Red & White flesh), Artichoke
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Dry Onion
Fresh Garlic
Hot Chilly (Green and Red)
Spring Onion
Sweet Potato
Water Melon
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