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 Corporate Profile
Bio-Nile Company produces and exports organic dried herbs and spices. We are the leading supplier of these materials to the EU market and a major player in Europe. We hold over 80 different lines of plants, which include not only dried plants but also organic herbal oils, flower, essential oils and organic fresh vegetables.

Our customers cover a wide range of industries – food and beverage, body care and cosmetic, herbal remedies and alternative health and health food retail. But this is not all: as more and more people become aware of the benefits of organically grown products, both to themselves and the environment, new customers from new sectors are contacting us more and more. Quality Assurance
Our quality management system is underpinned by full batch tractability, stringent quality and documentary controls our HACCP policy and organic certification standards.

Bio Nile Crops and Farms
BIO NILE certified HACCP, NOP and Organic. Fields are cultivated according to a wide crop rotation. Particular emphasis is lay on alternating leguminous crops – both cash and green manure with non-leguminous crops. In order to get the greatest benefits and fixation. All crops and farms is efficiently irrigated by a drip system; water is pumped from deep wells. Bio Nile Co. equipped with all the basic facilities to carry the post –harvest operations
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Bio Nile -Herbs List includes: Anise, Basil, Calendula, Caraway, Chamomile, Coriander, Cumin, Dill, Fennel, Better, Fenugreek, Henna Leaves, Hibiscus, Lemon Grass, Liquorice, Marjoram, Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin), Parsley, Peppermint, Rose Mary, Spearmint and Thyme, Sage.
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Basil Leaves
Chamomile Flower
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