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 Supplier Information:
 Supplier Elmona General

The fresh garlic season starts from February to May
Variety: Egyptian white or purple
Color: white or purple
Size: from 50 to 70 mm+
Cut: from 8 to 12 cm
Packing: carton, basket and net
Weight: 5kg or 10kg
Condition: fresh white color or purple, free from pests and damages caused by pests, well formed bulb, complete cloves, bright clean and free from of any visible foreign matters, no damages, no commercial defect and no phyto defects, free from any foreign smell or test, firm, withstand transport and handling
Cooling: pre cooled and transported at 0 degree Celsius. Arrive in satisfactory condition at the place of destination
Pallets: uniform palletized with size (1.00x1.20) takes 157 carton 5kg or 200 nets 5kg

General: Fresh Garlic

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