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Gifts & Crafts: King Tut Treasure

Products/Services Listing (17-Items)

TUT01: King Tut Gold Mask    
Tut gold mask made of solid gold, inlaid with semi-precious stones and colored glass paste, the face is an idealized portrait of the young king. Tw...
TUT02: King Tut Throne    
Tut throne made of wood with gold overlays and inlays of colored glass and semi-precious stones. (NOT FOR SALE)
TUT03: King Tut Coffin    
Tut coffin is one of the most beautiful, and valuable, things found in Tutankhamun's tomb was this solid gold inner coffin. The coffin is made of soli...
TUT04: King Tut Shrine    
Tut outer golden shrine was protected by four goddesses, Isis, Nephthys, Neit and Selket. The transition away from the Amarna style is clearly shown h...
TUT05: King Tut Scarab Pectoral    
A magnificent pectoral with the Sun god represented by both the scarab and the falcon which are fused as one. Above the scarab is the bark of the Mo...
TUT06: King Tut Gold Bangle    
Tut gold bangle with openwork scarab encrusted with lapis lazuli. (NOT FOR SALE)
TUT07: King Tut Perfume Box    
Tut perfume box made of Gold and shaped as two cartouches. (NOT FOR SALE)
TUT08: King Tut Golden Bands    
The Golden Bands around Tut Mummy one of a number of bands made of beaten gold plaques which were inscribed with religious texts. The cartouche re...
TUT09: King Tut Gold Buckle    
Tut Openwork gold buckle showing Tutankhamun in a chariot drawn by two horses. (NOT FOR SALE)
TUT10: King Tut Headrest    
Tut headrest (used instead of a pillow) is made of elephant ivory. When in use, the back of the king's neck would rest on the curved support. The carv...
TUT11: King Tut Gold Falcon Pectoral    
Tut collar was made of a single sheet of gold engraved with the features of a falcon. Placed over the chest of the king, they were for the protection...
TUT12: King Tut Bed    
Tut's bed made of gilded wood, with an intact base of woven string. A headrest would have been used instead of a pillow, and the rectangular board at ...
TUT13: King Tut Bracelet    
Tut bracelet was one of the personal items included in the burial. (NOT FOR SALE)
TUT14: King Tut Ba Bird    
Tut ba bird object, representing the soul, or ba of the king. The ba bird was laid on top of the mummy's linen wrappings. It was fashioned of gold, an...
TUT15: King Tut Inlaid Throne    
Tut inlaid throne made from wood, which is partly gold plated and inlaid with minute pieces of ivory, ebony, semi-precious stones and colored glass. ...
TUT16: King Tut Gold Rings    
Tut gold rings from the tomb. (NOT FOR SALE)
TUT17: King Tut Canopic Jars    
The alabaster canopic jars are where King Tutankhamun's internal organs where placed for their journey into the afterlife. Canopic jars would usually ...

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