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Chlorination, Ozone: Chlorination system

Chlorination, Ozone: Neutralization System

Products/Services Listing (9-Items)

Chlorination Systems    
SAC chlorination plants represents the State-Of-The-Art technology in this field with the highest degree of safety. SAC range of plants covers every d...
Electrical Control panels    
SAC range of control panels include different degrees of sophistications depending on the project requirements. SAC control systems can be PLC based, ...
Gas Neutralization Systems    
SAC gas neutralization systems assure the highest efficiency in gas treatment. This is realized by the use of highly efficient components and the prop...
Neutralization Systems for Gas Chlorine Leakage    
Neutralization systems are crucial in chlorination plants. In case of an emergency leak of chlorine within the drum room and/or equipment room, chlori...
Pumping stations and systems    
SAC pumping systems cover wide range of applications including the water and waste water, chemicals and many others. SAC scope of activities in this f...
Scrubber Model EFLSS 36    
Vertical SCRUBBER type EFL for waste gas and exhaust air treatment. The system will have the following dimensions and general features: - Chemical ...
Solid/Liquid separation    
SAC range of solid/liquid separation systems includes -but not limited to- vacuum belt filters with different sizes starting from laboratory and pilot...
Surge Protection Vessels - Bladder type    
Surge protection vessel made of high grade steel. The vessel is equipped with a bladder made of Polyurethane, which gives the highest resistance again...
Treatment Systems    
SAC range of water purification systems includes small and medium size plants. Further to the analysis of the project requirements, the right techniqu...

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