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Draft Law for Regulating IT-Based Land Transport Services Approved By the Parliament
Source: 5/7/2018

Dr. Nasr: “It is considered the first law for mass transport in the Middle East which encourages the private sector to participate in this field”

The Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Dr. Sahar Nasr emphasized that the approval of the House of Representatives in its plenary session chaired by Dr. Ali Abdel Aal, Speaker of the House of Representatives, of the Draft Law for regulating land transport services using information technology encouraged Egyptian companies to access the market and supported the private sector’s participation in the participatory transport sector to contribute to developing such vital sector.

The Minister pointed out that this was the first law for mass transport in the Middle East which provides several job opportunities and safe services at lower costs and helps reduce congestion and pollution. She expressed her appreciation of MPs for their keenness on laws of economic and developmental nature.

Moreover, she mentioned that participatory economy depended on contributing to the project with a labor share or capital. She explained that MIIC gave priority to supporting the transport sector during its negotiation with all international financial institutions.

The Minister indicated that the draft law was developed in consultation with the Ministries of Investment, Interior, Transport and Communication, along with conducting a community dialogue with companies working in the field of participatory transport using information technology and benefiting from expertise of other countries in the field.

The government sought to achieve the principle of equality between all those working in transport activities, asserted the Minister, noting that the government and parliament could reach a balanced formulation that maintains the national security, ensures citizens’ privacy, and allows the private sector to practice its activities with freedom and flexibility.

Further, Dr. Nasr stressed that the competitive atmosphere ensures that each company provides the best services to citizens at the lowest prices. The draft law also encourages investment in the field of transport through the establishment of an orderly legal organization for the work of companies, and allows the entry of local small Egyptian companies to invest in this field.

She pointed out that the draft law allowed the white taxi to be included in the participatory transport system.

Finally, the Minister thanked the joint committee that discussed the draft law, given that it included heads of the committees of transport, economy, information technology and defense and national security.

She also thanked “Support Egypt” Coalition which was keen on conducting a community dialogue that contributed to forming a joint vision and bringing different viewpoints closer.

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