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Egyptian Envoy Praises Joint Projects with Ethiopia
Source: 1/31/2018

Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia Abu Bakr Hefny has praised relations with Ethiopia and Sudan as strategic and multidimensional.

In statements , the Egyptian diplomat called for linking the interests of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia to become "one economic bloc", pointing out to President Abdel Fattah El Sisi's call for maintaining the common interests of the three countries.

The ambassador also pointed out to investment projects Egyptian businessmen intend to carry out in Ethiopia including El Sewedy company's offer to establish an Egyptian industrial zone in there with investments estimated at 120 million dollars along with other agricultural and pharmaceutical projects proposed during the recent visit to Cairo by the Ethiopian prime minister.

Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia Abu Bakr Hefny revealed an Egyptian plan to establish a solar power plant and a fertilizer factory in Ethiopia.

"Egypt also plans to increase its exports of pharmaceutical products to Ethiopia in the coming period," Hefny said.

He added that the Egyptian government has launched a number of programs to boost cooperation with Ethiopia in the medical field.

Hefny pointed out that leaders of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have agreed during their summit in Addis Ababa to form a seven-strong committee from the three countries to solve the issue of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam within a month.

Egypt acknowledges the right of the Ethiopian people to development and high living conditions, he added.

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