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Egypt: Self-Sufficiency Rates of Wheat, Meat, Rice Decline
Source: 1/21/2018

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) stated that Egypt’s self-sufficiency rate of wheat went down by 2.3 percent in 2016, accounting for 47.7 percent, with an average of 137.8 kilograms per capita, compared to 141.1 kilograms in 2015.

The self-sufficiency rate of rice decreased by 11.3 percent in 2016, accounting for 99.7 per cent, with an average of 34.7 kilograms per capita, compared to 39.1 kilogram in 2015, added CAPMAS.

The self-sufficiency rate for vegetables was 103.4 percent in 2016, with an average of 86.3 kilograms per capita, compared to 93.1 kilogram in 2015.

The self-sufficiency rates of fruits, meat and chicken accounted for 98.4 percent, 64.6 per cent and 93.7 percent respectively in 2016, with an average of 62.6 kilograms, 9.6 kilograms and 10.1 kilograms respectively per capita in 2016 , compared to 63.6 kilograms, 13.6 kilograms, 10.7 kilograms respectively in 2015.

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