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King Tut of Egypt


Focused Community
Export-Egypt is a leading e-MarketPlace for Egyptian industries.
At Export-Egypt we have thousands of professional visitors every month from all over the world.

Create A Detailed Company Profile
Members can create a more detailed company presentation on Export-Egypt, have links to their website & e-mail address and can be listed in up to 6 industry categories.
Members can also take advantage of priority listing, and have their company profile listed ahead of free members' companies in related industry categories and searches.

Building Own Web Site
You can build your own web site by creating product/service e-Catalog and listing your company on e-Directory for integrated promoting your products, services and company.

Cut Your Costs
Not only do you save thousands of dollars of traditional marketing expenses, such as on research, printed materials, trade fairs, web development and maintenance, etc. Shortly, you will be able to use several on-line applications targeted to significantly reduce costs of the most expensive areas of your operations - administration, documentation and logistics.

Save Your Time
Tired of all those "tell-us-what-you've-got" inquiries and tens of sent out "never-come-back" quotes and pricelists? Forget about it. Through Export-Egypt buyers approach you with full knowledge of your products and terms. They are ready to strike a deal.

Boost Your Sales
The majority of Export-Egypt visitors are professional looking for products or services. All of them are your potential buyers. Let them know that you exist and boost your sales.

Upgrade Your Business
Become a part of a new force in a leading business focused community and take your business to the next level.
Get 24/7 global exposure through Export-Egypt; integrate our e-solutions into your day-to-day operations.
Make the most of the Internet Marketing - this is the cheapest and a very effective way to promote your products and services, and see how your business grows.

Leave Your Competitors Behind
Nowadays, with technology advancing at great speeds, a passive presence on the Internet is no longer enough to remain a key player on the market! With Export-Egypt's innovative on-line solutions you will be far ahead of your competitors, securing increases in market share and ultimately, increases in sales.

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